GeoTrust SSL Certificates

WunderSolutions sells only GeoTrust digital certificates. These same certificates can be purchased through GeoTrust directly, but their prices are significantly higher. By giving you access to our wholesale rates, we're able to save you money on this vital purchase. We offer the following digital certificates:

QuickSSL $129.99 USD/year

A low-priced 128-bit SSL certificate delivered to you in 10 minutes! Real-time two-factor telephone authentication and ChoicePoint Unique Identifier included make it a great value.

QuickSSL Premium $159.99 USD/year

This 128-bit SSL certificate includes a security seal for your site and real-time, two-factor telephone authentication plus the ChoicePoint Unique Identifier (DUNS number equivalent).

True BusinessID>$199.99 USD/year

Provides end-to-end internet security protection for doing business online. Secure transactions through SSL and business validation from True Site - so you're completely covered!

How to Order

Buying an SSL cert can be a confusing experience for first time buyer. Please contact WunderSolutions to purchase your SSL cert. This will speed up the process and minimize any confusion. It will also ensure that you get the SSL cert which is right for you.